Find the most asked questions on our website. If you have an additional question, you can send it to our email account. We are doing our best to answer all of the questions thrown to us by homeowners and business owners about our products.


Do you have the Sunpower panels?
Of course. We are an official, authorized and legitimate distributor and installer for Sunpower Solar panels, arguably the most space-efficient commercially available solar panels on the planet.

Why do you sell products from other countries?
At QSOLAR, we do not underestimate the product by the nationality, race, or color of the manufacturers. It is our customer’s choice if they want to get the imported-sourced equipment. We do sell quite a bit of imported panels, but just like all of our products, they have to go through our rigorous testing protocol and must pass global standards, such as quality and safety. If you want to make sure of the quality of the products and brands we carry, you may do a research.

I have so many questions before I invest in solar panel. Where and who I will contact?
Simply send us an email regarding your concerns and a friendly customer service will promptly respond and explain how it goes. If you fully understand and decided to buy our products, you can let us come over to your place so that we can give you a free estimate or survey. We believe that not all homes, businesses, factory and electric bills are the same that is why we do the estimates in the homes of our potential customers.

Is there any difference in my lights or in how appliances run with solar, like on a generator to the usual power?
Solar electricity and grid power have no difference in how your appliances run so you will never notice that the house is running on solar power. Only the difference is the smaller electric bill you consume when you use solar panel.