About Us


QSOLAR company is committed to providing energy systems that are economical, practical and environmentally friendly. We ensure that our systems are selected and built at the most affordable cost and provide the best value to our dear clients. We stand in our products, so if our systems do not save you money on your energy bill, you can contact us to give solutions regarding your problems. Our aim is to reduce the electricity bill of every household and business owner in the world by using our proven solar panel technology.

Using solar panel can make a difference. Not only will it give you more savings by lowering your electric bill, it will also help substantially in saving the nature. Everyone will benefit from it especially the future generation. Isn’t it good if the world they live in is clean and free of polluted air? Of course, it is better and a lot safer. Solar panels help in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions and it also significantly reduce our collective dependence on fossil fuel.

QSOLAR is founded in 2007. The company is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but can undertake projects worldwide. The solar panel we offer are made in Milwaukee but the other materials we used are imported from different countries. We are proud to say that our product is now popular and is really effective in saving you from thousands of dollar electricity cost

We are currently found on rooftops all over Wisconsin with more than hundreds of happy and satisfied clients. Solar panel with renewable energy power is now available for the common housewife, business owner or factory owner to make practical and effective users of electricity.

We are now a recognized leader in rooftop solar panel installations around Wisconsin with a sheer number of installations. If you want to get our services, we are here to give solutions on your high electricity bills